Ani Dorsett, Literary Editor and Event Planner—“If A is a success in life, then A equals x plus y plus z. Work is
x; y is play; and z is keeping your mouth shut.” (Einstein)

Harmony Gonty, Visual Design and Media Editor,  lives in Seattle, works as a radio DJ and is one year away
from graduating with a degree in Media and Communication studies from
UWB. She is a visual artist specializing in black and white photography,
video art and graphic design. She loves all things pink, glittery and anything
pop culture.

Jasleena Grewal, Literary and Selections Editor, is an Environmental Science major at the University of
Washington, Bothell. She is an advocate for the fusion of art and science, and
can identify the biological functions and structures in many of Georgia O’
Keefe’s painted flowers. In 2009, she was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.
By expressing herself through creative writing, she has been able to remain
mentally strong throughout her illness. She is continuously inspired by her
peers’ stories, struggles, and interests.

Natasha Haining, Visual Design and Image Editor —Whimsical: that is what i wish to be, become, and remain. the end

Jessica Louise Hoffart, Assistant Managing Editor, (aka Queen of Random) graduated with a double
major in Media Communications and Culture, Literature, and the Arts. Her
current aim is to get into graduate school to earn an MFA in Writing. She has
a love for all things colorful, especially red; her hair and language sometimes
reflects that love. If you sit next to her, you quite possibly will hear her life
story and make a friend.

Patricia Reed (El Koury), Literary Editor in Chief,  is a Culture, Literature, and Arts Major. Previous
works have appeared in the award winning 2008 edition of Yours Truly. Other
works appear in the 2009 and 2010 editions of both Clamor and Yours Truly.
Patricia is also a contributor for the student-run online news, The Husky
Herald, a volunteer at community radio KBCS, and a member of the Golden
Key International Honour Society. She is recently married.

Aaron Sebenius, Web Design and Literary Editor,  is.

Katherine “Kat” Seidemann, Managing Editor in Chief,  is a UWB senior chasing a SEB and MCS
double major. Her most frequent muses are insomnia and a six-toed cat,
which (for better or worse) often arrive together. She strives to write across
genres, create across media, tutor with empathy, and edit with honesty. In
her spare time, Kat polishes her sarcasm, collects ironies, thwarts blackberry
bushes, and harbors a secret longing to trade her car for an elephant.

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