2011 Poetry Pieces:

Life’s Ink by Logan Campau

Som by Amanda Martin Sandino

Ode to the Gingerbread Man by Chris Cooper

A Little About Me by John Mulinski

When I Know By Nicholas Klacsanzky

What James Said by Cassidy Lenger

Question: How Will You Live Now? by Jill Dewald

Fountain Head by Harrison Pierce

The Way We Hurt Each Other by Spencer Reed

Inspiration by Jessica Louise Hoffart

Dangerous Things These Late Blues by Patricia Reed

Gardener of Xibalba by Amanda Martin Sandino

Simplicity by Katie Joy

Fifteen by Mari Nichols

I’m On Your Team by Hannah Mason

Timeline by Jasleena Grewal

Forty by Mari Nichols

Reservation by Kelle Grace Gaddis

ANWR by Kat Seidemann

On Chartres by Patricia Reed

Summer -An American Sentence by Spencer Reed

Stronger Woman by Jasleena Grewal

Can You Imagine by Joshua James Smith

Question by John Mulinski

linyphia triangularis * by Cate Foster

Writing Poetry by Nicholas Klacsanzky

A Page Left Empty by Jessica Hoffart

A Definition of a Word by Ani Dorsett

From the Rat’s Mouth: After George Ella Lyon by Patricia Reed

I Let Her Leave by Peter Freeman

What Your Psychiatrist Knows by Kim Sharp

Lavender Mist by Kat Seidemann

Early Fragments by Denise Calvetti Michaels

Only Pirates Wear Shoes by Spencer Reed

A Friendly Wager by John Mulinski

Doorways by Jessica Hoffart

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