A Friendly Wager

by John Mulinski

A bet is placed upon my worthless head
To test the strength of God and Man
For on my mortal life I swear
To face the lord in deadly dare
But fueled by blood and dependent on breath
My life was owned by Him, and with it, my death!
Upon hells fire a plan’s conspired
To surpass my feeble mortal power.
Flesh and bone now cast in steel
The immortal man has been made real
Fueled inside from ungodly hate
In despise of human fate
The immortal thing approached the gates

To God I address, “step forward my Lord,
I’ve been courteous enough to meet at your door.”
And as the clouds parted from a thunderous storm
Arose the First in most perfect form.
Mightier than any clergyman’s notion
The universe distorted with each motion.
I raised my finger to meet his eyes
To call to him his planned demise.
And to my declare God only laughed.
“Do you deem yourself a god in match?”
“A god?” I chortled. “I’d say not as such.”
“But rather relieved of God’s deadly crutch.
Sacrificed the mortal for Almighty Machine
So in my own strength resides my belief.
Go! Take to arms your infinite power.
Told forever shall be the tale of the man that made God cower.”

Each pair of eyes drilled into other’s
Resembling rivalry of two brothers.
The shadows of God matched by man,
Danced across the sky and land.
The seas grew fierce, they roared and cheered.
For Lord Poseidon’s win drew near.
Immortal man so drunk on pride,
Made a slip off heaven’s side.
And pulled on down by his own girth,
Into the ocean fell all his worth.
His limbs seized up eyes frozen shut,
The twisted wreck his rusted gut.

The immortal man was still alive
Imprisoned in his metal prize
Forever trapped where dreamer’s trod.
Within himself his self a God.

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