Only Pirates Wear Shoes

by Spencer Reed

peter, more man than a boy
watches darling walk away
recalls how she looks in flight
looks up to the sky

darling is five days away
rain drumming on the roof
peter recalls how they built this house
their second one together

rain clouds, grim companions
peter, lost in the library
the second one since she left
dreams of tiny wings

peter, lost once more
chasing murky memories
of glitter and paper Mache
wishes he could go home

chasing half remembered faces
peter thinks of darling and his life before
he forgot the voices of home
and the one who rescued him

peter thinks of tiny wings
dreams of glitter and pirate ships
forgets darlings voice, their home
dreams of one who will save him

looking up at the sky
peter, counts the stars
slips out of his shoes
begins the journey home

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